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Renewable Energy

Carbon Footprint of Solar Panels

We can probably guess what you’re thinking – what are carbon footprint and solar panels doing in the same sentence? Solar panels are believed to be carbon neutral. We’ll tell you, but a little preamble first. The carbon footprint of solar panels has multiple angles of approach – the mining of raw materials for the panels, their manufacturing process, the distribution of raw materials, and the recycling of old panels.
Solar energy has risen to the top of the food chain in the renewable energy sector, and installing solar panels on industrial or residential buildings has become commonplace. In fact, the US has …

Planning and Designing Green Homes

Pre-Fab Zero Carbon Homes: What You Need Know

Building residential and commercial projects are progressively being designed for greater energy efficiency and general sustainability requirements. As a result of these construction trends, the built environment’s emissions have decreased significantly.
However, the elephant in the room is the exclusion of the parameter in the formula, which is the embodied energy of building materials. Given the average lifetime and energy analysis of buildings, energy used during assembly accounts for just around half of the entire carbon footprint.

Planning and Designing Green Homes

How to Create a Green Home on a Budget

Proper planning is essential for effectively constructing a sustainable green home. It doesn’t have to be significantly more expensive than a code-built home, but selecting and locating green construction materials can take a little longer because they frequently require special orders.
As a result, it is even more critical to begin your study early and to be well-organized. The success of your sustainable home …

Planning and Designing Green Homes

Building Homes that are Prepared for Climate Change

The plain truth is that average global temperatures have increased and will continue to climb. In the past few years, its increase has been significantly worse. Furthermore, even a minor increase in global temperature causes less predictable rainfall patterns and more severe storms.
However, the good news is that historical climate records and sophisticated computer modeling of climate trends assist us in assigning risk to future weather events. Moreover, recent advancements enable us to adjust these risk estimations to increasingly smaller territories with a …

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy’s Pluses and Minuses

A photovoltaic system surely has many upsides, but nothing is perfect. If you want to install solar in your home, you need first to learn the benefits and drawbacks of solar energy.
Many people put solar panels in their homes or businesses for one simple reason: to save money on their energy bills. With the increasing electricity costs, you can be certain that the financial benefits will be …

Energy Efficiency

The Most Efficient Methods of Heating a House

As the night approaches and the temperatures begin to fall, now is an excellent time to consider how to heat your home more effectively. Hiring a professional energy auditor who will physically inspect your home and give you the precise savings you could achieve by improving your heating system is a fantastic option.
Even if you don’t have an auditor, it’s crucial to educate yourself on the many house heating systems available and determine which one best meets your needs. You may expect cheaper bills and a warmer house for years to come if you choose…

Renewable Energy

Understanding Ground-Mounted Solar Installations

A ground-mounted solar installation is a collection of photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity. It is located somewhere on your property’s ground rather than on the roof.
A fixed ground mount solar system is the most prevalent type of ground-mounted solar installation. The arrangement is typically placed in a large outdoor area with appropriate soil for stable construction and plenty of consistent, unrestricted sunlight.
Pole mount solar systems are another popular ground-mounted solar …