Planning and Designing Green Homes

Pre-Fab Zero Carbon Homes: What You Need Know

Building residential and commercial projects are progressively being designed for greater energy efficiency and general sustainability requirements. As a result of these construction trends, the built environment’s emissions have decreased significantly.
However, the elephant in the room is the exclusion of the parameter in the formula, which is the embodied energy of building materials. Given the average lifetime and energy analysis of buildings, energy used during assembly accounts for just around half of the entire carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency

The Most Efficient Methods of Heating a House

As the night approaches and the temperatures begin to fall, now is an excellent time to consider how to heat your home more effectively. Hiring a professional energy auditor who will physically inspect your home and give you the precise savings you could achieve by improving your heating system is a fantastic option.
Even if you don’t have an auditor, it’s crucial to educate yourself on the many house heating systems available and determine which one best meets your needs. You may expect cheaper bills and a warmer house for years to come if you choose…