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How to Properly Dispose of Bulbs?

Because modern light bulbs contain various harmful substances, you may assume they are hard to recycle. So, what should we do with all of our bulbs once they’ve served their purpose?

When it comes to disposing of light bulbs, the solution is not to simply toss them away. This is potentially dangerous to both your safety and the environment. The truth is that most types of light bulbs may be recycled, but you must be extra careful.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, people have used these bulbs for room lighting and reading lamps. Although newer options quickly replace them, some people remain devoted to these vintage light bulbs.

Luckily, incandescent light bulbs do not have any dangerous chemicals. This means you can easily dispose of them along with your ordinary garbage. However, because the filaments are too fine to be removed throughout the process, they cannot be handled at the glass recycling facility.

LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are now among the most widely used light bulbs globally. These energy-saving bulbs provide long-lasting illumination while using a fraction of the resources of incandescent lights.

These bulbs contain no mercury. However, this does not imply that you may simply dispose of them in the dumpster. Other harmful compounds, such as arsenic and lead, are present.

When you find a recycling center that accepts LEDs, check with them for advice on how to treat them before dropping them off.

Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen lights use extremely reactive gasses, making them hazardous and potentially dangerous to living beings. This is the primary reason why you should not dispose of halogen bulbs in your standard home disposal.

The majority of recycling centers do not accept halogen bulbs. However, it’s worth contacting any facilities in your region to double-check. If not, most localities arrange for the pickup of halogen lights regularly.

Put the halogen lamp back in its case or seal it up and store it in a carton to prepare it for secure disposal. Make sure it’s tightly packed, so it doesn’t shatter and release harmful chemicals.

Fluorescent Lamps

As a source of bright yet low-cost lighting, these lights are popular in workshops and retail stores. On the other hand, fluorescent tubes contain a high concentration of mercury, making them very dangerous to the environment.

They require particular handling because they contain dangerous chemicals and are easily broken. If the light breaks while in use, switch off the HVAC system to prevent the toxic mercury vapor from flowing to other locations.

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